Fighting for your
copyrights online.

When photos and texts are misused online it’s called copyright infringement. Copyright Agent discovers infringements and ensures proper payment reaches the owner.
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We search everywhere

We receive a complete overview of your portfolio. Then we continuously scan for the use of your photos, right across the internet.

You approve with 1 click

At a simple glance, we show you where your photos are likely to have been misused, and your copyright violated. You adjust if needed.

You get paid

We contact the infringer and ensure payment for the misuse. We charge a success fee and only receive the payment when you do.


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Our expertise is
image agencies.

We know images agencies and how they operate. Our systems are tailor made to integrate with their systems and we go to great lengths to customise the setup for optimal performance.

We know law

Our team consists of legal experts in copyright law.

Always on

Global 24/7 scanning of an unlimited number of images.

Zero costs

Free to use for Image Agencies. We only charge a portion of the success fee.

Great results

87% of our logged infringements end up being settled.

Social Media

Comprehensive, full Social Media surveillance

Customer Care

In-house claim management teams operating across Europe in local languages

"Copyright Agent has radically elevated and strengthened our fight against infringements to an efficient and professional level."
Kris Kjær Nielsen
Managing Director, Ritzau Scanpix

The complexity lies
under the hood.

A setup consisting of a mix between advanced Machine Learning technology and real, human expertise is making sure your rights are upheld online. 

This is how it works.

1. Handover

You give us access to your image portfolio or import the photos yourself. No matter the delivery method, we support it.

2. Search

We initiate the search using advanced machine learning technology as well as human reason.

3. Identify violations

Our algorithms compare the findings with our extensive copyright database and presents you with the results.

4. Approve or Reject

In our easy-to-use interface you approve the violations and reject any non-violations that was found.

5. Send claims

We identify and contact the infringers and send out claims to ensure your rightful payment.

6. Receive Payment

We transfer the payments to your account.

That's it!

About us

We are an international team of legal experts, photographers, media people, designers, developers who all share the same ambition of ensuring photographers get their rightful payment for their work. 

"Legal expertise, flexibility and understanding our business as image agency, combined with the ability to operate each market in local languages, was key in choosing Copyright Agent."
Joakim Nilsson
Head of Picture Agency, NTB Norway

Our clients include

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