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Frequently Asked Questions

We have documented proof that copyright infringing image material is currently used on a website you are responsible for. The copyright owner has not authorised this use.

Copyright Agent collaborates with photographers and Image Agencies to ensure the protection of their copyrights across the Internet.

All image material is, as a rule, covered by copyright law. Any use of image material requires prior agreement with the copyright owner.

Also, it is your duty to investigate the copyright licensing on any image material you use. You must conduct this investigation before publishing the image, to ensure its publication does not violate or infringe the copyright owner’s rights.
Therefore, before any publication takes place, a valid license must always be acquired for material covered by copyright law.

If there is no proper, and valid, license for the material, it is a breach of copyright law. In these cases, Copyright Agent makes claims for improper use, on behalf of our clients.

The claim amount is calculated using the standard licensing price for the image material, plus an additional compensation amount for the infringement and lack of accreditation. The copyright owner is entitled to both amounts under the Copyright Act guidelines.

No, since violation has already occurred, the photographer is entitled to remuneration and compensation for the unauthorised use of their material. Copyright Agent acts on our client’s behalf until the claim is successfully resolved.

We will make sure the image has been removed and close your case. You will be sent official confirmation that no further action is required.

No, you must immediately cease the use and distribution of the copyrighted image material. If you wish to continue using the image material, you must purchase a valid license(s) for this purpose.

We understand websites are often designed and maintained by someone else outside of your business. However, ultimately, the company that owns the website is responsible for ensuring all published material is not in violation of the Copyright Act.

If you’re unsure whether the image material in question has been acquired legally with the proper licensing, we suggest you contact your website developer to inquire whether they obtained the required license(s). If it has, we kindly ask you to send documentary evidence of the license.

You’re welcome to contact us about using the image, and we will direct you to the copyright owner so that you can obtain the correct license for the image material.


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Have you received a letter from Copyright Agent?

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