What's it about?

When photos are misused on the Internet it's called copyright infringement. We discover violations and ensure proper payment reaches the photographer.

We receive a complete overview of your portfolio. Then we continously scan for the use of your photos, right across the Internet.


At a simple glance, we show you where your photos are likely to have been misused, and your copyright violated.


We'll contact the infringer and ensure payment for the misuse. We charge a success-fee, and only receive the money when you do.

We ensure

Who's behind it?

We're a team of professional photographers and talented entrepreneurs who realised no service existed to protect the copyright for photographers online. Until now. We collaborate with photographers and image banks to discover any unauthorized use, and ensure the owner receives what they're owed.

As the Internet grows day-by-day, hour-by-hour, more photographic material is being used without respecting copyright. That's not ok. As a photographer, it's crucial you're paid for the use of any photographs that rightfully belongs to you.

That's why we created this new service. Copyright Agent shows you where your photos appear across the Internet. But more importantly, where they are used in violation of your existing copyright. We'll ensure you recieve payment from the violator, and only charge you a success fee once the money's in your account.

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If you're a photographer and would like to work with us, or if you have received a claim and have any questions, please reach out using the form below.

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